How to Heal an Abscess Naturally


An abscess of the skin is a boil which is filled with debris and pus. Touching the abscessed area makes the skin area feel warm and hurtful. Abscesses on the skin normally occur on areas such as the base of the spine, the groin, teeth and the armpits. The cause for abscesses is that sweat glands get blocked and so pus begins to accumulate.

The germs associated with the abscess will normally heal the abscess by themselves within two weeks on average. Meanwhile, here are some easy and natural ways you can use to treat skin abscesses.

#1. Potatoes

Potatoes are great for treating abscesses of the skin. First of all, cut some raw potatoes into thick slices, about one inch thick on average. Now, gently put these slices on top of the abscess and secure the potato slices there with some scotch tape.

The potatoes will work to absorb the poison that has accumulated in the abscess. Using this method, your abscess will get cured very quickly.

#2. Onions

Just like potatoes, onions are invaluable in helping to cure abscesses. Take raw onion and cut it into thick slices, like your were told to do with the potatoes. Now, put these slices on the abscessed areas of your skin and cover it with a piece of cloth. Wait like this for three hours and then remove the cloth and onions.

Replace the onion slices with freshly cut raw onion slices. Keep repeating this process until the abscess explodes. Onions contain chemical properties and help in transferring blood to the area of the skin that is abscessed. Eventually, the abscess will be cured.

#3. Soaking yourself in hot water

This can be both a relaxing and a curing technique. Fill a bathtub with hot water. To make it more effective, add some epsom salt to the bath water. Let the epsom salts soak in the water and then immerse yourself and relax in the bathtub for approximately half an hour.

The hot water will make the abscessed skin soft and will make the infection come to the surface of the skin. As an extra precaution, you can take dip a piece of cloth into hot water and apply it to the abscessed skin.

Repeat this bath every couple of hours and soon you will notice a noticeable reduction in your skin abscess.

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